Why You Should Choose Expert Professionals for Stained Concrete Flooring

In the recent times, concrete flooring has become increasingly popular for residences and commercial establishments. It is due to the durability and cost effectiveness that it offers along with its sturdy and astounding beauty. It is available in many finishes like stained concrete. You can add bespoke designs of acid stained concrete to any part of your building. It is a great option for both interior and exterior flooring. Concrete Continue Reading;

Step into the World of Stained Concrete

Going with the current trend, there’s so much focus on organic designs and durability, no wonder stained concrete floors have become extremely popular these days. Acid stained concrete floors present you with exclusive flooring that is eye catching, economical and easy to maintain. Staining can portray a lush sense of opulence that no other coloring medium can impart. The results are stunning and will transform the area lending it a Continue Reading;

How Concrete Staining Works and its Benefits

Though concrete staining is becoming a popular process, few people still doubt about how safe it is to stain concrete. If the procedure is done properly, concrete staining does not create any problems, and your floor will be completely safe. The coloring agents will only stain the concrete, and thereby do not make the floor wear or vulnerable to any other issues. On the other hand, polishing or coating the Continue Reading;

Concrete Staining Options for First Timers

Concrete staining is a technique which can convert your boring concrete floor into a piece of art. With interior designing and modernization of living spaces in demand, concrete staining is becoming an option for many people, since it’s both cost effective and also makes the floor look modern. Types of Concrete Stains For first times, there are 2 types of concrete stains – acid stains and acrylic concrete stains. Acid Continue Reading;

What Makes Stained Concrete the Ideal Solution for Durable Basement Flooring?

If you have a basement flooring that has been damaged due to floods, it might be time to consider a change that will be long-lasting and stable. Basement floors are bound to get damaged during the course of their life. Since it is the lowest part of a home, the excessive rain water is bound to find its way in the basement and cause some ruins to the flooring. If Continue Reading;

Concrete Patio Designs for the Dream Home

Concrete patios are invariably the first choice for homeowners who look for design versatility combined with sturdiness and easy maintenance. A survey conducted in 2012 by the National Association of Home Builders revealed that concrete patios are the most sought after outdoor decorative elements followed by patios of wooden decks. Wide Range Old Designs and Patterns What has caused this inclination towards concrete patios? The aesthetic sense of home owners Continue Reading;