When do you need a Criminal Defense Lawyer

When you find yourself facing the possibility of going to jail, never do so without a lawyer. Once charged with a crime it’s easy to become downhearted and feel that everyone sees you as guilty, especially if you have already been jailed and then released on bail. However, the law requires the hypothesis of innocence till proven guilty – and that evidence must hit the high standard of ‘beyond a fair doubt. ‘

Guilty or innocent, finding a criminal defense attorney is essential. They are taught to protect your rights besides providing you with valuable insight every stage through the typically disconcerting red tape of the legal system. In some cases your representative might be able to resolve the whole matter without having an official trial. This takes place when the lawyer discovers a weakness, oversight or mis-management in the case. At that juncture they might request a dismissal, or minimally a change in the charges against you that better reflect the evidence and process used in the case.

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