Drupal Can Make You Beat Mr. Zuckerberg!

If you have any plans of combating with social networking titan Mark Zuckerberg then you will have to load your arsenal with flexible web technologies. There is a saying about Mr. Zuckerberg that he goes aloof while developing something new for his project. However surprising it may sound but the truth is that this coding titan personally writes codes and makes programs despite employing hundreds of coders.

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Take Your Drupal Site as Your Base Ball Game

Well, you have certainly loved baseball matches despite the fact whether your country wins or loses the game. Baseball is like a passion for all westerners. We love to see our locality in winning form in every baseball game, we see because it is more like a game of patriotism and passion instead of a ball. But, our passion as well as patriotism goes invisible when it comes to use open source web technologies in our web-based ventures. Technically, our individual success and failure is our individual contribution towards our nation. Therefore, we should take all open source or enterprise technologies as a challenge and devote our passion to make wonders with these technologies.

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Looking for Spam Prevention? Try 5 Drupal Modules for 100% Protection

Spamming becomes a deathblow for business organizations, which deals in online business. Technically, we can coin spam as ceaseless threads of comments & visits from similar users that chocks the bandwidth of a website and slows down the speed for real online visitors. Frankly speaking, it is the most easy and financially profitable way of virtual marketing because you can purchase a number of recipient contacts and broadcast your message to individuals. However, some evildoers also use this as a weapon against rivals for slowing down the websites. Therefore, business organizations take all possible measures to ensure minimum spam at their sites. It becomes easy when you go with Drupal. Additionally, you can take services of Drupal development company for custom spam prevention plug-in.

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Drupal 8: The Next Big Thing for the Dev Community

So, you have been a loyal Drupal user for long. From version 1 to version 7, you have worked on them all. But now it’s time for Drupal 8. Yes! The release of Drupal 8 is underway and this brand new offering form the Drupal community is laden with innumerable enticing features. Whether it’s the core, the authoring functionality or the theming feature, every bit and part of the CMS has got a facelift. So what is it that you can really
expect from Drupal 8? Well, quite a lot.

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