Wandering: A Common Problem For Those With Dementia

Whether your loved one with dementia lives at home or at a facility for assisted living in San Diego, wandering can be a scary problem. There are many reasons why people with dementia wander away, and there are also several ways to help reduce the likelihood of this frightening problem.

Caring For A Parent With Alzheimer\’s

Not only does Alzheimer’s disease affect the more than 26 million people who suffer from the actual disease, it also has a far-reaching effect on loved ones, such as children or a spouse. Caring for someone with Alzheimer’s is difficult not only because they simply might not remember you, but also because they can do dangerous things, wander away or lash out aggressively at caregivers.

Board And Care: A Possible Eldercare Option

There are many different types of eldercare, from assisted living communities to skilled nursing facilities to hiring in-home care or opting for a board and care facility. The board and care option also is sometimes called a residential care home or an adult family home. This option can be a good option for many senior adults who no longer can or wish to live alone. Here is a little bit of information about this eldercare option.