What Should I know about Buying a tv

Trying to determine how to buy TV? First thing you’ll have to do is choose the size of the screen. If you’re replacing a tube TV with a large screen, you may not see that you may have to get a bigger TV than what you already have. For your primary HD TV you may want to get a 37 inch or bigger. If you’re looking from eight feet or Continue Reading;

LCD vs Plasma vs LED: which one is better?

The question isn’t really which one has the better image quality? The question really is whats better for your living room and whats the price? plasma televisions our only 42 inches or more, this being because plasma is a gas, The better picture quality with plasma televisions is because the gases like to be further apart from each other. What you’ll see with plasma television is more accurate skin tones Continue Reading;

HDTV: Progressive vs. Interlace & 1080p vs 720p HDTV High Defention

Understanding the distinction between progressive video and interlace video is key to understanding high definition. Interlace format is naturally the basic format behind normal TV image. Half of the resolution is virtual, it doesn’t exist. This works by splitting every frame into 2 fields. on the first line is every other line of data. So, every even line of resolution is on the TV. And every odd line of resolution Continue Reading;