Karate Lessons for Kids Online

We shop online. We get our news online. We stay in touch online. And now we can learn online. In fact, both my boys are homeschooled. Most of the lessons are online, including testing and progress tracking. So it’s only natural that we will have karate lessons for kids online. Though in-person martial arts training is ideal, many students just can’t make it to class. Maybe the parent is unable Continue Reading;

The secret of getting ahead is getting started

My father died when I was one. So my mom did her best to teach me to be independent from an early age. It made it easier for her to raise all four of us by yourself. I grew up thinking everything was the product of my own effort. If I tried hard, I could get whatever I wanted. So I earned my black belt at age 18, put myself Continue Reading;

Practice Makes Perfect

You’ve heard it. Practice makes perfect! And it’s true ­ but only if you’re practicing properly. And with mindfulness and intensity. Let me explain: I’m practicing my punch. I do it diligently. But I do it incorrectly over and over again. What’s gonna happen? Well, eventually I will become pretty good at doing it incorrectly. Bad habits are hard to break ­ especially old ones. When you’re working out, be Continue Reading;