Free Is Boring, Try Customization in Your Joomla Site

It is common to find people criticizing Joomla on comparing with enterprise technologies. It can be a truth for the businesspersons, who do not customize and enhance the functional stature of their Joomla web sites. They initially try to understand the momentum of Joomla, which is an open source web content management system but left in the midst. Technically, Joomla is an open source web content management system, which can Continue Reading;

Joomla: Redefining Education

Since the inception of ultra modern IT technologies, academic institutions are drifting towards a technological void. New age web technologies are converting classrooms into high-end academic cafeterias where students can talk, walk, and discuss on numerous subject related topics without limiting themselves in the pages of physically available books. Considerably, Joomla has played an evidentrole in positioning computing peripherals between books and students.

Don’t Ditch Joomla, You Just Need A Few Extensions

Hey! Are you going to trash your Joomla site? Do not do it. It is an extremely resourceful open source web content management system, which is suitable to make all kinds of websites. Technically, this CMS tool is based on PHP, which provide freedom for object oriented development. Thus, there is no need to replace Joomla with any other technology. You just need to add few extensions in your website Continue Reading;

How to Hire Offshore Joomla developer on Per Hour-Basis Correctly

Are you going to approach an offshore developer for development of your Joomla site or trying to find excellent Joomla coders? If your answer comes out as yes then you should certainly read and follow this post. Before going further, you should try to understand this open source web content management system called Joomla. This is a web content management system, which can help you in managing your web content Continue Reading;