Basic Oral Chelation

Basic Oral Chelation By Clifford H Woods Chelation is a very simple and basic concept that can be used as a beneficial therapy. What it basically does is remove the buildup of toxic heavy metals in the body. It flushes them out and leaves the body feeling much better than before the therapy started. It is primarily used for certain heart issues. Some recent scientific findings have revealed that accumulation Continue Reading;

Effects of Heavy Metals and How Oral Chelation Can Help

Heavy Metals – Free radicals (tissue damaging molecules that cause aging and bodily deterioration) are the result of the ever-present toxins within our environment. Heavy metals are contained in these toxins and produce free radicals. They contribute to many health issues. From the moment, a person comes into the world he/she is exposed to said toxins, increasingly with the invention of new products using these threatening metals.   From the Continue Reading;