Why the Christmas & New Year Season is a good time for selling a business

The Misconception: – Many Vendors feel it’s the wrong time of the year to sell their business. The reason behind the assumptions is that Purchasers are preoccupied with holiday plans; travelling, family and time off work etc. In the nine and half years that I have been broking each year historically from October through to February has been our busiest months. We know (through experience) that many purchasers are on Continue Reading;

Buying A Business – Newsagencies

Are you interested in buying a business? Is the thought a little daunting? Have you thought it through, and made the decision to look around and see what’s available? Buying a business need not be a difficult and stressful process, provided you approach the task with common sense, and a semblance of knowledge regarding the type of business you are interested in. In other words do some homework. Talk with Continue Reading;


As a business broker I have the privilege of assessing hundreds of different businesses from a variety of different industries. One of the most common things that I come across is a situation where the business is often NOT ready for sale. Sure, the business owner is doing well, and in their mind they are thinking “why shouldn’t my business sell?” – There are several reasons why a business needs Continue Reading;