How To Organise Salar De Uyuni Tour

On a South American adventure doing the Salar de Uyuni tour is an undoubted highlight! This involves a 3 day jeep tour round the wilderness salt plains in Bolivia. It’s near the Chile border and the landscape is just sensational – wildlife, salt plains, deserts and mountains – one to make sure you get it on your list! Here’s some tips including how to prepare for it.

Homemade Carp Boilies And Paste Secrets Of Making Irresistible Nutritional Baits!

More and more carp anglers are wanting to make their own unique secret homemade carp baits and are in need of the most powerful information! Often anglers designing carp boilies and other baits will think about ingredients and recipes first. Protein ingredients will tend to figure prominently in bait design. When making homemade or readymade boilies all too often the form rather than function is focused upon as in thinking about eggs and binders, but this completely the wrong place to start out your bait designs!