Ultrasound Tech Schools: Build Your Dreams Here

One of the top paying jobs listed on the internet nowadays is working as an ultrasound technician. Because of the huge demand, as well as the enticing financial advantages, it’s not surprising why more people are gearing towards this career. Ultrasound technology is now more commonly used than it was before, and has even earned its spot in many extensive medical procedures and diagnostics. If you are aspiring to have a career as an ultrasound technician, you first need to undergo education and training from ultrasound technician schools. Continue Reading;

Pharmacy Technician Salary: You Deserve Better

If you are looking for a career with a good pay, becoming a pharmacy technician may just be the right choice for you. Pharmacy technician salary is among the best in the healthcare field considering the small amount of time you need to spend in education and training. But in order to be worthy of a higher salary threshold, you need to make sure your credentials look impressive. Continue Reading;

Laying the Groundwork for Success: A Q&A with Policy Link and Nonprofit Software Provider nFocus Solutions

By Ananda Roberts, President – nFocus Solutions For decades, communities across the nation have struggled with determining how to tackle the complex social issues their citizens face. For nearly 40 years, the high school graduation rate in the United States has remained stagnant and issues like poverty and hunger continue to have a strong hold over some of our most underserved population’s upward mobility and future success. These factors hit minority Continue Reading;