Six Random Sunsets

I usually hate travel lists and particularly repetitive “top 6 things to do etc.” but everyone else writes about it so here’s my bit… As a random wanderer you simply have to love and embrace sunsets. That defining moment that ends your natural daylight part on any given day. As the sun disappears, you can take with it memories on how gracefully this hot sphere left your world. Where were you and what were you doing for sunset? These are 6 random sunsets – not necessarily the best just a list of unusual ones I came up with from my travels. Check it out: Continue Reading;

Emergency Food And Water Bins

Planning a kit with emergency food and water may be a great way to stay organized and well planned. A home can have a special bin in the basement or in the kitchen to be used in the event of a natural disaster. There are some special items that can be placed in these bins. In the event of a hurricane, fire, earthquake, tornado or flood, bins can help a family survive over the long haul. A three day food supply should be at least part of the kit. Taking into consideration the family’s size, and special diet issues may help to pack a bin that is custom for a family to use. If there are any special medical items or a baby that needs supplies, then adding those items on a regular basis may be helpful. As a baby grows or medical needs change, homeowners can simply add or remove items from the emergency bin. Continue Reading;