Don’t Ditch Joomla, You Just Need A Few Extensions

Hey! Are you going to trash your Joomla site? Do not do it. It is an extremely resourceful open source web content management system, which is suitable to make all kinds of websites. Technically, this CMS tool is based on PHP, which provide freedom for object oriented development. Thus, there is no need to replace Joomla with any other technology. You just need to add few extensions in your website to enhance the functional stature of your website.


If you are a Joomla user then you will certainly be aware with issues related to content editing of your website. You can easily find this plug-in over web and install in your website. With the help of this extension, you can add special fields in your content form for addition of images, videos, and standard article formats. If you are planning to create a virtual magazine with your Joomla site then this plug-in help you greatly.


Being searched is the first and foremost need for any website that intends to interact with targeted audience. Therefore, you can install this extension to increase the search engine friendliness of your site. This plug-in makes auto-generated URLs search engine friendly and apt for gaining high volume organic traffic. Moreover, the updated version is available with support to Google analytics and built-in canonical headers.

JCE Editor

It will be a great addition in your Joomla site. This is an impressive editing extension. With the help of this extension, you can change your Joomla backend into an easily operable WYSIWYG editor. You can make changes in your web pages without struggling with confusing codes of PHP. Considerably, if you are trashing Joomla for its tough management process then this extension will solve the issue for you.

Mobile Joomla

You may be aware with the fact that a majority of online visitors are going mobile. They prefer to access internet via their mobile devices. Therefore, you should have something in your web-marketing arsenal to deal with this challenge. You can simply add an extension in your website called Mobile Joomla. This extension will make your Joomla website responsive towards all mobile devices. Technically, it detects the website viewing environment & set the resolution of your site accordingly.


Look! If you are looking for a tool to improvise Joomla site’s menus then this extension will be highly suitable for you. This extension will increase the impact of your Joomla site’s menus. You will get the freedom of developing highly interesting and stylish menus for your website. It will also improvise your website’s look & feel. You just need to download this extension from web and install in your website.

You can choose needful extensions from above mentioned list and install in your website. It will also increase the value for your website. Moreover, you can approach a Joomla development company for development of custom features of your website. The addition of custom extensions usually increases the impact of a website. Therefore, you should think about addition of great extensions instead of replacing Joomla with any other tool.