Five Questions You Must Ask Your Hardware Maintenance Support Provider

IT departments across the world are feeling the pressure of dwindling budgets and are looking for ways to reduce costs without compromising on efficiency. With this important fact in the background, more and more organizations are considering third party hardware maintenance support and server monitoring and management services as a better alternative to solely depending on OEMs.

By hiring the services of a third party provider, organizations experience higher cost savings, better flexibility and greater chance of improvement for their data center. Read on to find five important questions to be asked before hiring a hardware maintenance support provider.

1) Are you biased towards any specific hardware vendor?

The third party maintenance provider must be a multi-vendor partner and must not hold any bias towards one or more specific vendors. This approach helps to reduce the cost of managing the hardware environment and avoids potential administrative hassles.

2) How quickly can you respond to a critical hardware situation?

Obviously you do not want to deal with a slow responder. Hardware downtime can be very critical and can cause severe loss of money and damage the reputation of business. The chosen provider must be equipped to support large environments and also be agile enough to accommodate all types of service requests within the shortest time span. When you have a reliable hardware maintenance support team that comes to your rescue promptly, mobilization of resources and resolution of issues becomes quick too.

3) Can you cover the complete environment under a single contract?

It is always better to handle one hardware maintenance support provider who can deal with your complete business environment than have two or more OEMs or third party support services to take care of different functions of the data center. When you have one support service taking care of everything you need, there is greater accountability, less hassle and faster service.

4) What kind of experts and professionals will be handling our environment?

A team with experienced professionals and service engineers (technicians with OEM-specific experience is recommended) is paramount for any company offering hardware, server and storage management. The team must be customer friendly and must bring a specific set of skills to the table.

5) What kind of support packages do you offer? Are they customizable?

The solutions and packages offered by provider must match the exact requirements of client. For this, the support company must be flexible to accommodate the needs of client and must be prepared to scale their service as the company grows. The service contract must be drawn to accommodate maximum flexibility and technology updates must be included too.

When you have the right hardware maintenance support service provider, hardware malfunction becomes a thing of the past and business continues to fetch higher profits at lower operational costs.

The author is an experienced hardware & networking advisor. Duhane Williams, is the founder, entrepreneur and CEO of Venttraffic Media and its online brands. He loves giving feasible solutions to his clients and dedicated partners. Read to know more.