Good Tripods to Fit your Budget – Newbie DSLR Camera Suggestions

As it pertains to photography there are plenty of accessories you can own, however in my opinion none of them are as helpful as a great tripod. If you are in to landscape photography then owning a tripod is a should. If you do not understand what tripod to get then don’t worry, sit back and on reading because in this article I ‘m going to tell you about all the good tripods accessible to fit your budget.

Money is actually no choice – Gitzo GT3541

If investing $800 on a tripod alone does not sound great to you then I can see where your coming from, nevertheless as you may have discovered in the previous purchasing a great quality item always saves you money in the long term. I presently personal this model Gitzo as well as I love it. Whenever I invested the $800 on the tripod I believed to personally what possess I carried out, nevertheless following constant use and misuse the Gitzo has matched what I desired this to do every single time.

The reason the reason why I love this tripod is the fact that it’s completely carbon fibre; you will not find any aluminum right here. The reason the reason why carbon fibre is much better is that it’s lighter in weight, more powerful and oscillations tend to be wet going through it, all of this leads to one thing, much better image quality. In case your thinking of obtaining an light weight aluminum tripod, do not.

I possess completely battered this tripod, I have fallen this, banged this, scratched this and yet still it stands up like the day I first pulled it out of the container. No question this particular tripod offers preserved me a great deal of money and i am extremely glad I purchased it.

I possess no budget – Dolica AX620B100

If you’re searching for an easy, affordable tripod that merely does the job after that the Dolica ax620b100 is a suitable tripod. The light weight aluminum dependent tripod can endure to 13lbs and it is appropriate for any kind of beginner DSLR photographer. General the tripod is not going to match the tripods over however this tripod can be purchased for under $40 therefore don’t expect to complement the Manfrotto or even Gitzo. It is rather simple, mild as well as can end up being transported around just about all day without any problems.

There are some plastic components on this particular tripod but they’re not too cheap searching and can stand up to some reasonable wear and tear. If you’re looking for a budget tripod do not look too much beyond the Dolica AX620B100.

I can invest a little bit although not an excessive amount of – Manfrotto 055XPROB

The Manfrotto 055xprob is actually an superb tripod for those with about $200 to invest. It is durable, dependable as well as affordable nevertheless it does have some problems. The paint on the Manfrotto appears to come of quite easily, I am not the most careful as it pertains to taking care of tripods however having utilized the Manfrotto on a few individual events I do handle to the begining very a bit of fresh paint away this, however this has absolutely nothing to do with the general quality of the tripod being able to maintain my DSLR camera in place.

Another small issue I possess with the Manfrotto is that the centre Line is created of plastic material, this isn’t that big of an issue but it will mean that a person will possess to be a little more careful to using this tripod so you don’t crack this particular plastic.

Redeeming functions for this particular tripod consist of:

Quick action leg locks
Built in spirit level
Overall the Manfrotto 055XPROB is an excellent option for photography enthusiasts with small money to spend on a tripod.

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