How to Create Egyptian Scenario with Holograms

Have you every wished to visit the Egyptian pyramids, the amazing mystical lands but couldn’t? It is time to fulfill your dreams with the latest technology in holograms. These holograms can take you to the world of mystical experience without any visa or passport. Holograms are a technology in which light, sound and graphics are used to create three dimensional effects to generate an image in the middle of air. It is much more capturing then the projectors where images are produced on a surface.

They are known to give a lifelike experience creating a sense of seeing real thing, which is actually not present here. In case you have not visited Egypt, but you want to experience the similar scenario without going there, these holograms can help you in this. It is a great technology, which has the capability to change your perception of seeing things. You are not only seeing them but are feeling them as well like you would have done with the real pyramids.

The only difference will be in the size, since most of the holographic projectors are concise, projecting only the small images. Still it is better than nothing. Imagine about creating a similar scenario in your living room or bedroom. If you are running a travel company, you can make your presentations in front of clients more effective. Instead of using those slide shows and projections, you can use holograms to show popular places in a country they would like to visit, popular activities which a traveler can do over there. You can not only display still pictures but can use sound effects and moving images as well.

Olomagic is here with one of a kind holographic projector. It is small in size yet quite effective in work. You can simply plug it and play whatever you want to. From still pictures to graphics and sound, you can use them all to impress your clients. If you are about to give a presentation for their Egypt trip, try to make it more realistic by using scenario of Egypt through holograms. Sand dunes, camel walking past them, pyramids, Nile River and a lot more can be shown in movement. They will be amazed with this great experience. You can make this trip presentation one of a kind through these smart projectors.

They are available in different size and designs. You can use them in your office, in reception area as well as in the upcoming tours and travel trade fair. Your business will only grow when you will think out to of the box. It is time to use a smart holographic technology to promote your tours and travel business. You can contact Olomagic to find out more about the holographic projectors available with them. You can rent them as well as buy them according to your requirement. It is time to change the face of your business. Make holograms a part of it.