Renovation: Tips for spring

Winter is over; nature begins to drive new green. The first daffodils, tulips and crocuses are seen everywhere in the meadows, and so it is inevitable that one would like to clean his apartment, to redesign or renovate. New paint and wallpaper in your own four walls awaken the spirits and give you a sense of ease and joy. It is every year as a ritual to change in the spring and embellish everything, be it yourself or just his house.

Apartment renovation

Thus the result of a renovation but also looks the way you want it, you should consider some points and plan: – What would renovate it? – What can be so? – What tools do you need? – What materials are needed, what you have to? – Where to get the needed things cheap? It’s best to make a checklist on which all operations are listed. How big is the room you want to renovate, what color would be suitable for this, since blue color, for example, may appear visually a room by up to 10% larger? Dark colors on the other hand have large rooms look smaller. If everything has been considered, it is now working to get everything they need. The hardware store of his choice is determined to find it and you can consult a competent there. Whether the right color and the matching wall sticker, matching lights like deltalight, different wallpaper, wood paneling or a new carpet, which are construction and furniture markets true DIY paradise. Lots of interesting tips and advice you can get on various internet sites.


Shines the apartment finally a new look, it sets about to seek out new accessories. New curtains in fashionable colors, a stylish wall sticker, pictures and posters bring fresh air into the room and give the room a personal touch. Decals for walls have the great advantage that they can be removed again when the season or personal taste changes. Lighting accents like deltalight grid give any room a new effect and decorative objects correctly positioned to form a harmonious whole. Also important are plants, they improve the indoor environment and bring life to the apartment.