Steps To Avoid The Error 53 While Replacing Your Iphone 6’s Screen


You might have heard that when the iPhone 6’s screen is repaired by any third party services that provide iPhone 6 screen Repairs, there is a high chance of facing the dreaded error 53 while updating the iOS version of the device next time. However, this assumption is wrong and services that offer dedicated iPhone 6s plus repairs know what triggers the error and take the necessary actions to avoid it. Though you can perform this at your own home, it is a complicated process.

Initially, purchase an iPhone-specific tool kit that consists of a suction cup, plastic pick, small crosshead screwdriver, 5-star pentalope screwdriver and an iPhone 6 LCD screen (without attached home button).

– Turn off the device and use the 5-star pentalope screwdriver to get rid of the two screws near the base.
– Make use of the suction cup to remove the screen.
– Look for the battery shield and remove it. This needs to be done before you deal with any other cables or screws.
– Remove the battery with the help of the plastic pick.
– Take the cross screwdriver and disconnect the connector shield that is placed above the sim card slot.
– Remove the four flex cables that are connected to the screen with the plastic pick and lift them with care.
– Then you can remove the screen, Home Button plate, screen backing plate screws and the screws at its sides.
– Hoist the home button cable with the use of a scalpel.
– Then dislodge the home button and place it into your new screen. When you are removing the home button, the rubber surround must remain intact. If there is any debris stuck to the home button or the rubber surround, get rid of it.
– Raise the back plating cable and remove the backing plate.
– The camera and the speaker section shield that are placed at the top of the old screen needs to be removed along with the components and the whole ribbon set. Then take out the plastic mount as the replacement screen comes with its own.
– Fasten the metal backing plate side screws.
– Establish the ribbon set.
– Reattach the components, camera, shield and the screen cables.
– Then fix the screen cable shield by placing the right screws for each hole.
– Finally put the home screen button.

Then power on the phone. As all the cables are fixed at this point, your phone must start normally. Check whether the camera and touch ID work well. If you do not wish to risk the safety of your electronic device, you can always approach a third party services that offer specialized iPhone 6s screen repairs in Sydney.

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