5 of the Best Beaches in Barbados

There’s a reason why millions of people visit Barbados every year. This tiny little Caribbean island has the perfect climate year-round, it takes its fun personality seriously, and it’s a food-lover’s delight. Of course, you cannot discuss Barbados and not mention some of its breathtaking beaches. What’s even more fascinating is that none of the country’s 60 beaches are privately owned—all of them are accessible to the public! If you’re planning a trip to Barbados, here’s a list of some of the most stunning beaches you must visit:

Bathsheba Beach: 

Bathsheba is one of the island country’s best and most popular beaches. The beach is on the east coast of the country and dotted with huge boulders that are rock formations broken away from ancient coral reefs. People come here to enjoy the pristine waters and the white sandy beaches that offer an ideal location for picnicking. While swimming isn’t recommended because of the rock formations, you can head to the village to enjoy a rum punch and snacks at the many local rum shacks.

Carlisle Bay, Barbados: 

Carlisle Bay, Barbados isn’t probably as secluded or sheltered as the other beaches on this tiny island, but it’s certainly one of the best places to go scuba diving and snorkeling, especially around the Carlisle Bay Marine Park. It is home to dozens of ships that have either naturally or purposely sunk to create ideal conditions for coral growth, creating an artificial reef that’s full home to varieties of fish, including the blue and white stripped triggerfish, sergeant majors, snappers, and grunt. What more do you have to say about a beach that’s popular among the locals as much the tourists?

Mullins Bay: 

Besides the Carlisle Bay in Barbados, the Mullins Bay is another popular snorkeling destination. Clear waters and the hundreds of fishes teeming around these waters are a treat for people who love to experience marine life up close. And if you’re lucky, you may also get to spot sea turtles that often swim close to the rock formations on the beach. The coastline on the southern end is dotted by huge villas and beach houses owned by jet-setting celebrities from across the world.

Crane Beach: 

Crane Beach is regularly rated to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and is popular among honeymooners. It’s easily accessible and offers plenty of activities for adventure lovers. If you love bodyboarding or are an experienced swimmer, Crane Beach is just right for you!


Author Bio : The Author loves beaches, especially Carlisle Bay in Barbados. This is a list of his favorites in Barbados.