5 Reasons You Must Visit Panama

Panama’s unique geographical location not only places it at the crossroads of two oceans and continents but also between two cultures. Panamanian culture is a mix of various influences, like African, Spanish, and native South American culture. Major civilizations, including the Aztecs, Mayans, and the Incas used Panama as a trading ground, creating a unique melting pot. If you aren’t so sure about visiting Panama, we list out a few reasons to reconsider your decision:

The Panama Canal: 

You can’t visit Panama without marvelling at this engineering wonder that connects the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. When it was finally opened in 1914, the Panama Canal managed to forever change the face of maritime history. This 48-mile artificial waterway helped save 13,000 miles of a journey that was required to get from Europe to America. Today, tourists can experience the Panama Canal either by taking a partial or total boat tour from the Miraflores Locks to the city of Colon.

The Food: 

As we earlier said, various influences have left an indelible mark on Panamanian culture, including their food. From tostones and tortillas to yucca fritters and tamales, there’s so much variety. Although some of the dishes have the same name as other Central American dishes, they are very different in terms of style and taste.

Indigenous Cultures of Panama: 

There are seven different indigenous tribes in Panama; together, they make up about 13% of the country’s population. The tribes can be divided into four distinct groups: the Ngöbe-Buglé, the Kuna, the Emberá and the Naso-Bribri. A majority of these tribes live in autonomous administrative regions called comarcas. There are several travel guides offering to a guided tour of the Embera tribe, helping people understand the history of the Embera tribe.

Hundreds of Islands: 

If you’d love to travel off the beaten path, you must visit some of the unique and unnamed islands on the San Blas Archipelago. Some of the beaches here are ranked as the most beautiful in the world and some of the islands are made entirely of coral.

Isla Coiba: 

As they say, the best of Panama is outside Panama City. For example, the Santa Catalina is a beach-side town is surfer heaven thanks to the consistent waves. It is also close to the Isla Coiba marine park that’s famous for scuba diving and snorkeling excursions.

Author Bio: The Author loves exploring the different indigenous tribes of Panama and has written extensively about the history of the Embera tribe.