A Guide To China Train Travel

When you are travelling in China sooner or later you will have to us trains and the Chinese trains are just so incredible you will love them. There is an extensive new network of high speed trains now – with a large range of amazing routes all over China – yes it’s the world’s largest country and to see it by train is a fantastic travel experience.[I:http://proarticlesdaily.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/JonnyBlair7.png]

Try taking the epic Shenzhen North to Shaoguan train. This is not a very common route but is marvellous for getting a good experience on a high speed trains in China. If you’re heading there the mountains of Danxiashan with some groovy rock formations are worth a look.

How to book your train in China

Never get anything booked in advance. You basically need to just turn up at the train station and book it there and then – that’s the way to do it. It might be full and if that is the case just get the next one or take another route. Join the queue at the station and pay in cash for your ticket.

You WILL have trouble communicating to the workers in the train station, so make sure you know how to correctly pronounce the name of your destination and if you have the Chinese characters written down (or in a guidebook) it will be a lot easier to get it booked. All seats are allocated and you have to sit where your ticket says.

Taking the Shenzhen North to Shaoguan route

11.50 – In Shenzhen North Station. Head through the barrier and find your allocated seat. It will leave within a few minutes and Shenzhen will be gone in a blink of the eye.

12.24 pm – Arrival at Guangzhou South station for a quick stop. It’s only a few minutes and soon Guangzhou is gone as well – it’s a big city gone in a blink from the high speed train. At 310 kilometres per hour after this we have reached the peak speed and the train is going mega fast.

1.45 pm – Arrive at Shaoguan Station and we get off. Shaoguan is not the last station on this high speed train which heads much further north.

What can you do onboard a High Speed train in China?

– Update your travel blog

– Check out the amazing views

– Crack open a tin of beer

– Have a sleep

– Just sit back and relax

– Marvel at the train’s velocity

– Get some food – you can order from the trolley on the train

– Bring a travel book to read

That’s my guide – high speed trains in China are excellent!

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