Before Your Cruise, Helpful Tips

Growing up in Houston, Texas, visiting anyone was a bit of a road trip. 3 hours of driving to visit my grandparents in San Antonio, 3 and a half hours to visit my aunt and uncle in Dallas, and 2 and a half hours to visit my brother and sister in Austin.

Also make sure that you are closest to the amenities that you seek most. If you want to go to the pool every day you will probably want a room near the rear of the ship but if you are an early riser and want to beat the breakfast rush choose a room close to the dining area. Be aware of what is around you so you know what to expect.

The more people you have in a vehicle, the more difficult it will be to please them all at the same time, especially if the passengers are young children. If you have a rather large party it is recommended to drive in two separate cars if possible. Having too many people in one car is not only more difficult to please but also a lot less comfortable for everyone. Of course, be sure that you have enough seat belts for everyone in your car.

As a consultant you may have a lot of opportunities to travel the globe. It is possible to be a consultant in a number of different arenas. Whether it is business, agriculture, or just consulting politicians, you will not only work in a number of different settings, but you will be able to work with new people a lot as well.

Another thing to pack is a power strip because there are few outlets in your room. Hook up your electronics to your power strip. You can hook up your ipod speakers and listen to music while on the cruise. On the note of sounds you probably want to bring ear plugs even if you are not right next to the bar as a ship at sea has sounds of its own which may keep you awake, especially if this is your first cruise.

For example, books and license plate or billboard games are fun while you have the light for it, while movies and Gameboy games are more fun at night when there isn’t enough light for anything else. Make sure they have options of both different movies and different games that everyone could enjoy.

Eventually the whole gang will be too tuckered out to continue on any longer. Rather than sleep in a parking lot in your car, make the extra effort to take a relaxing rest stop in an affordable but luxurious hotel. For example, if you are making a long road trip to New York, it is advised to make your pit stop just before you get there at a hotel in Norwalk, CT.

As you board the ship you will be asked to listen to a mandatory safety briefing and although it says it in the name you cannot skip it. The stewards will check every single room in the ship and leave a little slip to state that no one was in the room, so be aware of it. You should now be on your ship, in your room and ready to set sail. Hopefully these tips helped you to better enjoy your cruise.

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