How to Get to The Front of The Lines at Disney World

In this article I’ll give details on how the Fastpass system works, in addition to specifics about precisely how the new fastpass plus system will work.

How The System Works at Walt Disney World.

Much different from Universal, Disney do not charge for their front of the line privileges. A valid park ticket is the only thing the guest needs to obtain one, which is included upon entry.

The guest should locate the FASTPASS distribution machines, which are almost always close by the entrance to the ride, and place their current park ticket into the machine to collect the newly printed ticket!

The ticket will be valid for some time later in the day. The guest should then return at some point in the 60 minute period printed on the pass in order to bypass the normal line and so go straight to the front!

Guests should be aware that Disney have in recent times changed their rules when returning with a ticket. In the good old days, the guest was allowed to go back anytime after the time frame had began. Though just lately Disney Cast Members (employees) have been given exact instructions to enforce the displayed return time period.

Details About Fastpass plus.

The Fastpass+ option is a new up-to-date version of the original system, the only difference being that it gives the guests a number of additional perks.

To start with, events may be arranged before a holiday. This can potentially enable individuals to choose their ideal offerings well in advance without having to worry about missing a certain ride. There can also be way less of a need to head to the park incredibly early to obtain a pass for a number of the popular attractions.

Second, FASTPASS+ is a flexible system. Guests may even chose to change out the return time or experience (if it’s available) right until they redeem their experience. Should they forget their return time, with the older system they would have missed their opportunity. Though with the brand-new system they are able to re-book for a later time.

With the old system, if the guests lose their ticket, they will have lost out on that attraction combined with the time they would be required to wait to acquire a new one. However with FASTPASS+, tickets are looked up in the system and swapped with the reservations still in tact.

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