Make a Splash, Go to the Beach and Live in Bliss! But, Only with The Gopinivas Grand!

“Limitless and immortal, the water are the beginning and end of all things on Earth”

As the famous saying by Heinrich Zimmer goes, there are no better vacation ideas as relaxing, beautiful and pleasant as making memories of long summer days at the magical shores. The beach helps us recharge and has got a lot of what you need all in one beautiful place.

Being named as ‘the virgin beauty’ by Mahatma Gandhi, Kanyakumari is bestowed with breathtaking beauty of nature. Surrounded by majestic hills, tall standing coconut trees, pristine rivers and paddy fields captivates the visitors and make the feel like they are soaking their souls in a little ‘paradise on Earth’.

So, if you are hitting the road to explore the astonishing ocean in the Southern Tip of India, make sure to book your stay at The Gopinivas Grand, the finest hotels in Kanyakumari to experience the tranquility that you cherish for a lifetime in your grey cells.

Why The Gopinivas Grand?

Features and Facilities

Relaxation naturally comes at The Gopinivas Grand since it is a divine haven of dedicated service, rich cultures and excellent accommodation. The stylish d├ęcor of chic and modern rooms matches the personality and needs of both business and leisure travellers. The warm reception, safe lock facility, deluxe sea view rooms, express guest laundry, safe lock facility, massage on request and the recreation arena helps guests create memories that are more realistic.

The Curry

When you book a stay at The Gopinivas Grand, you have no option to go somewhere fancy like a restaurant nearby! Probably, you may have several options but your taste buds demand you to dine only at ‘The Curry- Elegant Multi Cuisine Restaurant’ with a unique ambience of romantic view of the sea and the breeze. This finest Chettinadu restaurant of The Gopinivas Grand is the preferred dining destination of gourmets, presidents and heads of the district. From continental cuisines to the lip-smacking sea-food dishes, they cater delicious foods for every discerning guest with a great pride and honor.

The Gopinivas Grand Hotel is one of the excellent Kanyakumari hotels that offer efficient service, sumptuous accommodation and warm south Indian hospitality without breaking your budget. So, what more? It’s time to immerse yourself in the natural wonders and soak up the bountiful sunshine.

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