South Florida Is A Great Vacation Destination

Sand, surf and sun are all typical icons that bring to mind the warmth of summer and the fun of getting away for vacation. Boat rides, theme parks, nightlife and music all spark memories of the free feeling that time of year evokes. In South Florida it is like summertime all year which makes it the perfect destination whenever the urge to have a have a great adventure hits.

Stretching from the sun laden sands of Palm Beach County down southwards towards the unique city of Key West, this area is a prime vacation destination. It has some of the best beaches for swimming, surfing, and sunbathing, in the entire state. It is also known for its upscale shopping opportunities and fine dining.

There are many great opportunities all along this coasts for people of all age groups to have a wonderful adventure. From boating tours through the marshes of The Everglades, animal encounters and scenic excursions to performing arts centers, museums and theme parks, everyone can find something they enjoy. Visitors also get the chance to not only view wildlife in natural setting habitats, but they can get up close and personal at one of the great reserves, sanctuaries or zoos.

The fascinating cities situated along this coastline have a thrilling and exciting nightlife. Bars and clubs of all types are plentiful, even some of the upscale type in which celebrities are often spotted. The Hard Rock concert venue and cafe’ brings a bit of Hollywood flavor, while the Seminole Indian Casino lends that Vegas style entertainment for adults who enjoy a lively evening.

The amazing golden beaches become a series of inland waterways that eventually form a series of small limestone and coral islands as one travels in a southern direction. These provide many opportunities to enjoy air boats, skiffs, water taxis, go swimming or experience glass bottom boat tours of the shallows or clear aquamarine waters. The state’s lower region offers some of the most amazing snorkeling and scuba diving experiences anywhere.

The Miami Seaquarium has long been a prime attraction of this southern region. This incredible ocean themed park is home to a wide range of marine sea life such as turtles, stingrays, sea lions, manatees, sharks, orca whales and dolphins. Everyone can enjoy the interactive and educational activities, entertaining shows, and animal exhibits.

In this area, wildlife conservation and education are a premier concern and the many animal centered attractions like Jungle Island, The Everglades Alligator Farm, Flamingo Gardens and The Miami Metrozoo all approach awareness in a unique manner. Instead of cages, they allow the the wildlife to move freely and comfortably within habitats that are open and natural. Primates are given actual trees to climb, gators can swim or sun along authentic swamp lands and the aviaries are designed to allow birds to fly as intended.

There are several museums in this amazing coastal region focusing on topics like art, discovery and science, historical periods, and even the lives of notorious individuals like the honored author, Ernest Hemmingway. The many botanical gardens, as well as the Coral Castle Museum are centered more on the natural wonders and beauty of this area. Dolphin Stadium, premier golf courses and other sporting opportunities are still more reasons everyone should visit the southeastern edge of this nation.

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