Terrible Airline Companies

These are the world’s worst airlines! [I:http://proarticlesdaily.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/JonnyBlair24.jpg]

1. Taca in Peru

Taca Airlines are based in Peru. On my South American trip in 2010 – 2011, I stupidly booked a flight with Taca because the flight was SO CHEAP. They are a real budget airline and I ended up booking a flight from Cuzco to Lima which would have been cheaper and faster than the bus at the time. It wasn’t so in the end. They cancelled my flight and refused to put me on another one. A horrible few days of travel

2. Jetstar a budget Airline

You should avoid Jetstar – they are a horrible company with a bad reputation. They often have delayed flights, cancelled flights and never offer any kind of compensation. As companies go they are easily one of the worst out there!!


A very strange company Aerolineas as they scheduled a flight for me before my initial flight was even due to leave. It was all a bit weird and I wasted a few days in Ushuaia sat in their office trying to sort the flights out.

– on three occasions they changed my flight time

– changed the airport of my first flight (from Jorge Newberry to Ezeiza, Buenos Aires)

– cancelled an entire flight

– they then delayed my new flight and refused to give me a coffee for free

– and most ridiculous of all they later scheduled me onto a second flight which would leave before the first flight had landed. Their excuse for this was a computer error.

4. Cathay Pacific Airlines

This airline company Cathay Pacific lost my bag in 2012. It was totally crazy. After losing it they then claimed that I hadn’t even handed my bag in which was total negligence on their side as I handed it in and they managed to not even put it on my flight. This meant when I was in Belfast for 5 days my bag was in Hong Kong. I finally got it sent across but with no compensation offered.


I hate Air Asia – they are a horrible airline company and I urge you all not to fly with them. The cancelled, delayed, changed lots of my flights down the years. When they did that they didn’t even offer an apology or a free cup of tea or coffee. A hotel room would have been nice but we ended up sleeping on the floor at the airport.

– Never trust Air Asia

So fellow travellers, please let me know what airline companies you think are terrible. This is my list of 5 shit airline companies, all from personal travel experiences. I won’t be booking with them again or recommending them. And a travel writer and blogger is exactly the person they don’t need to upset.

It’s a life of ups and downs and I want to give you the good and bad stuff from my journeys.

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