Tourist Tips For Maxicab Singapore Rental

Singapore is one of Southeast Asia’s main tourist and business draws. This is partly due to its prime location at the mainland’s tip, making transit of travellers between countries fairly convenient. Travellers wanting a change in scenery after visiting one temple after another throughout Cambodia and Northern Thailand would welcome cosmopolitan Singapore.

Its true that Singapore’s public transportation is a very efficient way to go around the city, but it doesn’t mean that renting a car as an alternate is a waste. For one, choosing a hired car lets you see the Merlion City with a whole new standpoint! You will pass by areas not covered by the public transport routes, could stop at any place along the way, and linger as long as you wish at a certain place without worrying about missing the last train. If you are headed for Singapore anytime soon and would love to try out this other option, here are tips for you.

The Sentosa Luge and Skyline for instance is for those who would like to have their adrenaline fix, with its 60-second ride through hairpin curves along a lush forest, along with a chairlift ride on the way back, which offers fantastic views of the island from above. Head for Sentosa Island, particularly Cable Car Road if you want this kind of activity. The Night Safari Tours at the Singapore Zoo are also very popular among tourists.

If you’re with kids, try going to the Jurong Bird Park, home to over 600 species of birds. A maxicab Singapore jaunt to this park at the city center will ensure your guests, particularly the little ones, are comfortable althroughout the ride. At the park, expect to meet flamingoes, pelicans, and penguins, among others.

If you want a more quiet vibe, have your limousine service head to Changi Village, a culturally rich, low-key spot with hawker centres and a beachside area. No matter what limousine service Singapore you use, this location along the northeastern edge of the country is a delight to visit.

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