What to Do in Armenia, Colombia?

If you’re planning to explore the beautiful Quindio, you must visit Armenia, a city famous for bananas, quinces, and coffee. It is also known as ‘Miracle City’ thanks to the settlements that developed quickly even after the colossal earthquake that hit the city in 1988. This destination doesn’t have many English speakers, and Spanish is the primary language.

Even though the capital city of Quindio is not a popular tourist destination, there are plenty of places to visit. Find out what to do in Armenia, Colombia for having a hassle-free holiday trip.

Visit Cafe Quindio Gourmet and the National Coffee Park or Parque del Café 

There is no better place to taste coffee than at an Armenian café shop. Enjoy a cup of coffee at the Cafe Quindio Gourmet that is located before the Park of Life. It has a wide selection of delicious drinks that combines the best coffee beans from the region. Colombia has a long tradition of cultivating and preparing this aromatic drink.

Visit the National Coffee Park or Parque del Café that is located 12 km from Armenia, to understand the history and coffee culture of the Colombians. The theme park was founded in 1995 as a non-profit initiative for preserving the coffee heritage of Colombia that in turn promoted their culture and attracted tourism.

Mechanical and water attractions, interactive coffee museums, and shows with animated projections on holographic screens are some of the famous attractions of this park. Coffee addicts should not miss a visit to this popular coffee themed national park.

Eat at La Fogata 

Treat yourself to dinner at the La Fogata, one of Armenia’s finest restaurants and taste authentic Mexican, Italian, Argentinean food. This restaurant has been around for more than half a decade. The menu includes a selection of pasta, American-style steaks, traditional grills, and other exotic meats.

It is the perfect place to get fresh and well-prepared fish and meat. It also has a good selection of cocktails and liquors, including whiskeys, wines, and gins of international quality when compared to other bars in Colombia.

With its dim lights and classy décor, the restaurant will enhance your dining experience with friends and family. If you’re looking for a good, cost-effective steak in a pleasant environment, you’ll not be disappointed.

Shop at Downtown Armenia 

Shopping is an essential part of any trip. The city provides several shops with unique Armenian collections to bring home for family and friends. Start your shopping in Vernissage, an open market to buy souvenirs, teapots, jackets, bags, cups, etc. Here, you can also find handmade jewelry made of gold and silver.

Find shops like Yerevan Mall, Dalma Garden, and Rossia Mall for fashion clothing brands. The city is famous for honey, apricots, dried fruits, carpets, and paintings. Visit the Cafesjian Center of the Art, a museum in Yerevan that exhibits the Armenian culture to the world. Most luxury brands, including Ralph Lauren, Burberry, Emporio Armani, and Brioni are are located on the Northern Avenue and Tumanyan Street.

You can find handmade crafts and cushions at Treasures of Armenia, a wholesale souvenir shop in Yerevan. The region is also known to be the birthplace of wine with 200 different families of grape. It has the most luxurious Cognac brandy in the world.

These are some of the must-visit attractions that you should include in your bucket list if you want to experience Armenia in a short amount of time.

Author Bio : The Author shares some of the best local tips on what to do in Armenia, Colombia to make your vacation trip amazing. These recommendations can help you plan your upcoming trip and offer a unique and memorable experience you’ll remember for a long time.