4 Ways to Stay Ahead in the Game with SEO Web Design

Across all types of media in SEO marketing, the video is known to have one of the most successful conversion rates. To create a comprehensive marketing campaign, businesses from small startups to large enterprises should invest money in video advertising. If you are looking to expand your customer base, there are different types of videos business can invest in. Here we have explained the different types of videos for business marketing.

“About Us” Videos

Creating an effective about company video for your business outlines the mission statement and tells the story of your business to the customers. These about company videos give potential consumers a firmer idea of the company they’ll be working with and whether they can trust the company to provide the best products or services.

The primary aspect of ‘about us’ videos is storytelling that personalizes and humanizes your business. It accurately represents the ideals and values of your business and provides a deep understanding of where your business stands in the industry. The underlying messages for these types of videos must be the company’s promise to the customers, and it shouldn’t be too long or detailed.

Testimonial Videos

Another most effective form of advertising is to create customer testimonials video. Keep in mind, the more relateable and reliable the testimonial is the more value it brings to your marketing campaign.

Customer testimonial videos are the least expensive videos to create as it requires only a professional set-up and willing participants. Just like ‘About Us’ videos, testimonial video also further humanizes and defines your business.

Promotional Videos

Promotional videos are trending these days because it prompts customers to make a purchase after helping them understand more about the product. Most of the times, these promotional videos center around a specific product or service and often emphasize sales or discounts. Promotional videos should not be lengthy but detailed.

Live Videos

Today, customers are getting the feeling of being a part of something beyond themselves through live videos that are made accessible by social media platforms. These videos are the unique and personal way to engage and entertain customers. Live videos are the best way to engage customers than prerecorded videos since they offer the experience of actually interacting with the business in real time.

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos provide in-depth analysis of products and services offered by your business and are designed to be educational. These videos can be general “How to” videos that relate to your potential customers and is a great way to strengthen the relationship your business has with the customer. These videos are also very affordable to shoot as they require a simple narration and do not require cinematographic effects.

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