Implementing Design to Increase Conversion Rate

Accomplishing conversions can be tricky especially through a website. By conversion, we can mean to increase the overall sales or the number of registered users or simply increase the number of engaged users. The two most important factors that help in increasing the conversion rate are either by having a great product or by delivering value to the customers. However, with smart design and strong concepts, we can still accomplish in improving the conversion rate.

This article would discuss the methods to increase the website conversion by getting the audience to register in the website. Be it a business website design or a small business’s website, there are some basic trends that can be followed to achieve the desired results.

Firstly, it is important to make the customers intrigued with the website. Mostly advertisements or blogs can pique the interest of the end-users. The customer feels interested to try the website, and if it meets the requirements, the customer would sign-up eventually. The key attribute is to make the viewers be interested in a service, product or the community. This can be done by providing free (yet limited) trial versions, or by even providing certain freebies for the product. The visitors should be able to view for what they are registering. Secondly, there are web designers who are overwhelmed with content copywriting. It is important to understand that the content should be more effective in increasing the conversion rate. The professional designers are aware of the words, paragraph lengths and writing style that is more persuasive in nature. The trick lies in being able to comprehend the trends of the website’s niche that would manifest into consistency of the style desired by the viewers. Thirdly, it is important to conduct a split testing, which is effective in user interface testing technique. The testing would provide solutions to different questions like the color of the button, its appearance, and its position and alignment, etc. Fourthly, the images and icons are indispensable in a website. Using influential imagery has the innate ability to affect the viewers at the psychological level. Different photography and illustrations make the website more relatable. Using images is an effective way to explain the process. Fifthly, by simplifying the sign up process would promote usability and conversions. Processes that are more complex have the tendency to frustrate users and make them stop mid-way despite their initial interest in the website. Making the username the person’s email address, letting them choose their password, and requiring the minimal amount of information are some of the ways to make the registration process simpler.

It is important to understand that building the primary base of customers is essential for most websites. Numerous techniques can be applied to increase the conversion rate. The first basic step is to measure the conversion rate and then apply the different techniques to increase it and measure the appropriate changes. The aim of the web designer is to blend content and the design elements to ensure that the visitors are interested in the website and thereby become the members. If the website is averagely designed and has poorly planned content, the conversion rate would decrease.

Websites are the brand identity of a business. They should reflect the principles and the ideals of the business. With the appropriate approach and implementing certain trends, the website can achieve the desired results and increase its business value.

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There are available tools that measure the conversion rate of a website. For a business website design or web design packages to increase the conversion rate, certain characteristics need to be implemented. Steven Brown thinks that if the website designer keeps these factors in mind, the conversion rate would be improved.