Major challenges faced by web designers

Web design is a very challenging task. It requires distinctive, original and experimental thinking to create a good web design. In order to please the target audience, a website not only needs to be eye-catching but also offer supreme user experience. Evolution tactics in web application development has been growing in an alarming rate. Though it brings new opportunities, it also creates complexity. Here are some of the major challenges faced by web designers,


You website must be capable of attracting people from variety of backgrounds, abilities and age. The information present in the website must be equally approachable and benefit all the visitors. They should not find any difficulty in using your application. With the rise in technology, users now expect the same level of simplicity which they experience daily in their mobile apps. In case you don’t meet their expectation, they would start looking for other applications that provide better service. Mind you that they are not the losers here.

Fast processing of web page

Users demand feature rich application that keeps them entertained. Yet they do not have the patience for the entire content to load. The attention span of the users has gradually decreased in recent years. A research shockingly proves that 40% of people would leave the website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. Only an expert in web design could achieve the right balance between building required content to satisfy the audience and optimizing its performance.


The availability of cloud hosted services solves various issues like storage, mail, recurring subscription payments, and analytics. However, it needs proper integration. Other than structuring a content rich website, web designers should make sure that it could integrate other applications. Users expect a website to offer smooth synchronization with multiple cloud hosted systems.


Now we have endless repetition of the same web application by many developers. Therefore, there is a compulsion for the web designers to stand out in order to engage the users of a website and make them to return over and over again.


Almost all websites are subjected to the risk of breach in security. Therefore, it is necessary to safeguard the website against any malware, hackers and delusion.

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